Which study programs are financed trough the performance-based student loans?
Currently, we only finance the Bachelor´s and Master´s program at the MODUL University Vienna*, the Sigmund Freud Privatuniversität Wien and the two-year programs Diploma Course in Hospitality and Tourism Management or The International Course in Hotel Management (ICHM)* at the Tourism College in Vienna.
*Language of instruction is English, English proficiency exam is a prerequisite

What are the advantages of a performance-based loans?

Performance-based loans
Max loan amountUp to 28,000 Euro
Interest rate2% fixed + 3-month EURIBOR interest rate
AccessApplication process
Grace period6 months after graduation
Debt burdenDepends exclusively on the academic performance
Life insuranceProvided free of charge

How soon will I know whether I have been granted a performance-based loan?
One or two weeks after your application, you will receive notice if you are being invited for an interview. Shortly after your interview you will know if you have been granted a performance-based loan.

What happens if I don’t finish the study program?
In case you end the program prior to official completion, we will convert the performance-based loan to a loan with an extended payback period upon your request.

Can I repay the performance-based loan in advance?

Will my student grant ("Studienbeihilfe") be affected by the performance-based loan?

I have a bank account with another bank. Can I use another bank?
No, the MHFF is only partnering with Erste Bank.

Unfortunately we cannot accept any applications at the moment!