Our performance-based loans have a repayment schedule based on your academic performance. After you complete the bachelor’s or master’s program, your total average grade will be used to determine the outstanding loan amount. So the better your academic performance, the less you pay back. If you are an excellent student you even pay nothing.


The performance-based loans have a grant element and a credit element, which is self-determined by our students. The better your academic performance is, the more we support you financially.


GradesLoan element
(incl. interest)
Grant element
1,0 – 1,60%100%
1,7 – 2,125%75%
2,2 – 3,155%45%
3,2 – 3,585%15%
from 3,6100%0%

Prerequisites for your application

  • Admitted or enrolled at the MODUL University Vienna, at the Sigmund Freud Privatuniversität Wien or (two-year programs) at the Tourism College in Vienna
  • Demonstrated financial need
  • Residence in Vienna for a minimum of two years
  • No equivalent study or education
  • Good academic performance history
  • Not older than 30 years

Maximum amount of our performance-based student loans

We offer performance-based loans up to a maximum of EUR 28,000.

We would like to thank the Sigmund Freud Universität for supporting our MHFF performance-based loans, which allows us to cover the full tuition fee (up to EUR 36,000).

We may request some form of security from students from other countries (particularly from non-EU countries).

Unfortunately we cannot accept any applications at the moment!